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MAJESTiiC Group of Companies are Filipino Australian owned and are an organisation with 40 years of combined industry experience and knowledge specialising in the development, implementation, coordination and export of education, training, business infrastructure, strategies and programs.


MAJESTiiC is dedicated to the development and sourcing of programs and qualifications that focus on industry and career outcomes resulting in workforce preparation, development, and implementation. The knowledge gained enables participants to lead within their chosen field with practical skills whilst meeting international standards. 


majestiic services

Learn more about the services we provide and become a majestiic supporter for a cause that benefits

school, student, industry and country



Support for our team, clients and community builds lasting and valuable realtionships



Work with all in an honest, transparent and open way to improve outcomes 


Ensure clients rights are protected and there is consistency and credibility in all we do



Encourage team empowerment and enable others to be responsible, accountable and capable


To abide by our coporate code of ethics and accountability with honesty and integrity


Solutions Focused creates continous improvement, productivity,and best practice for all

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Learn more about our dedicated team all of which have senior management and industry experience and knowledge that expands across many industries


Ingrid Ursua

Ingrid Ursua


President  & CEO



Ed Ursua

Ed Ursua


Vice President  & COO



the group






Majestiic...they really are very hands on with their students. I can say these factors helped me a lot in passing the OET. With self dedication and great assistance from the team, I reached my goal to pass the test and I'm very grateful and honored to be part/student of the Majestiic team! Thank you Majestiic!

Mik Panopio

Nurse St Luke's Hospital

Global City

Hello Majestiic Team Philippines! Thank you for the smooth process of delivering the OET exam in Manila, Philippines. Your staff are very professional, helpful and accommodating. Also the ambiance of the exam venue is very nice. I passed the OET May 23 exam. God bless and more power! I will recommend your venue to future exam test takers in the Philippines. All the best!

Alex Pajel

Staff Nurse

ClinicoMed Inc

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