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MAJESTiiC was founded in 2010. A vision shared by Ingrid Ursua and her Filipino born husband Ed Ursua to take their skills and knowledge within the Australian Educational Sector and make a difference in the Philippines.


The Ursua's are 'Educational Entrepreneurs' pushing the boundaries of local and international education and strong believers of global, borderless education.


MAJESTiiC is a strong supporter of industry-focused education and works closely with Educational and Industry Leaders within Australia and the Philippines to create further opportunities for the Philippines to be the LEADERS of ASEAN.


be majestiic

Learn more about the services we provide and become a majestiic supporter for a cause that benefits

school, student, industry and country



Executive & Organisational Management


Organisational & Change Management


Technology, Operational Strategy & Collaboration


Compliance & Quality Management Systems


Analysis, Development & Operational Solutions 


Design, Development & Implementation

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Learn more about our dedicated team all of which have senior management and industry experience and knowledge that expands across many industries



As an Organisation

A high standard of service recognised and accepted by the local and global community which is respectful of all stakeholders including clients, staff and the community. We provide a service that is valuable to our clients as a positive experience.


As a Corporate Citizen

Maintain a standard of corporate governance that gains respect from clients, staff and the local and global community.

Implement the latest in technologies and procedures to maintain best practice in standard of service to clients and other stakeholders. 


Client Focus

Committed to ensuring our client's needs and requirements are accurately determined and fulfilled with the aim of enhancing their satisfaction with services across all areas of our organisation which in-turn allows for continual improvement across our organisation.


the group






Be responsible for our business decisions, solutions, practises and our outcomes


Shaping the environment in which we work to ensure our people, clients and community are our priority


Strive to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs


Our efforts are to focus on cultivating and sustaining a diverse work environment and workforce


We support gender equality and the guidance provided by our Principles to encourage empowerment for all

Corporate Social Responsibility

We respect the laws and culture of every country in which we operate and strive to make a difference towards local community


We value our culture of transparency which starts with our people and believe that this is the way business ought to be done

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